We offer a variety of Risk Management solutions and training programmes

As an employer, you’re required by law to protect your employees, and others, from harm.

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, the minimum you must do is:

  • identify what could cause injury or illness in your business (hazards)
  • decide how likely it is that someone could be harmed and how seriously (the risk)
  • take action to eliminate the hazard, or if this isn’t possible, control the risk

Assessing risk is just one part of the overall process used to control risks in your workplace.

We offer all aspects of Health and Safety Support including:

We help you to better manage health and safety for yourself by using our various training programs as listed below.

Our Training Programs and Other Services

Manual Handling Training

Training can be important in raising awareness and reducing risk, but it won’t ensure safe manual handling on its own.

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Permit-to-work Training

The permit-to-work is a documented procedure that authorises certain people to carry out specific work within a specified time frame.

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Hot Work Permit Training

It is important for the employer to have a hot work program that covers hot work requirements, including permits.

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COSHH Assessments

COSHH is the law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health.

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Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos awareness training is required to be given to employees whose work could foreseeably expose them to asbestos.

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Bespoke Health & Safety Training

The law requires you to provide necessary information, instruction and training to ensure health & safety at work.

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Risk Assessment Training

Understand the benefits of comprehensive risk assessments, and comply with basic legislation.

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For small businesses. 2/4/6/ days support a year including an initial site inspection and report. From £150 MONTH

Induction of New Employees

New employees require a well-conducted and elaborate induction to get them up to speed with their new work environment.

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Lone Worker Training

There will always be greater risks for lone workers without direct supervision or anyone to help them if things go wrong.

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Ladder Safety Training

Awareness of the dangers associated with ladders and the practical steps that can be taken to minimise and control the risks that ladders present.

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Toolbox Talks

A Toolbox Talk promotes a safety culture to facilitate health and safety discussions on job sites.

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